Our team

We're only as great as we are because of our fabulous team.

Our Staff

Leadership Staff

Emmy Ritenburg

Interim Executive Director

Christina chaisson

Interim Director of Community Programs

Campus staff

brendan campbell

Campus Programs Manager


2STQBIPOC Programme Coordinator

Meg Hadland

Education & Diversity Manager

Operations Staff

Katie Wilson

Communications Coordinator

Community Staff

Andrew Bay

GSA Outreach & fYrefly Coordinator

Mirtha Rivera

55+ Club (Seniors) Program Coordinator

Celeste Seiferling

Counsellor - Monarch Mental Health

Riki Yandt

Counsellor - Monarch Mental Health

Ryan Lizée

SPACE Worker

Felix Crawford

GSA Outreach Assistant

Shay Duddy

GSA Outreach Assistant

SaskQTY Program Staff

Kenny Starling

Program Coordinator - SPACE & SaskQTY

Tayler wolaniuk

Community Action Assembly Coordinator - SaskQTY

Our Board


Morgan Moats


aspen huggins


Kenzie McGovern


Javin Ames-Sinclair


Campus Board Members

  • Tisha Mattila, Faculty of Arts
  • Jo Bright, Faculty of Education
  • Asmita Bhardwaj, Faculty of Grad Studies
  • Emma Eaton, Faculty of MAP
  • Bree Phillips, Faculty of Science
  • Simone Boutin, Faculty of Social Work
  • Kenzie McGovern, Faculty/Staff Rep
  • Javin Ames-Sinclair, Indigenous Students’ Rep
  • Jay Koller, Luther College Rep
  • Joyce Ekong, International Students’ Rep

Community board members

  • Julie Gobeil
  • Linden Hall
  • Aspen Huggins
  • Morgan Moats
  • Kiegan Lloyd
  • Everett Osicki
  • Raylee Perkins