SaskQTY Network

Helping queer youth elevate their communities.

The #SaskQTY Network is a Canada Service Corps funded project in its second year aimed at fostering engagement of underrepresented youth groups in civic life. This year long project is meant to establish a network of Two Spirit, lesbian, gay, Trans, queer (2SLGBTQ) and allied youth across the province. Together they will learn about leadership, volunteerism, event planning, advocacy, non-profit governance and political networking all through their interest in 2LGBTQ issues, identity and theory. The end goal of this project is to equip 2SLGBTQ youth with the skills for civic engagement, community organizing, and volunteerism.

Twenty-five Saskatchewan youth between the ages of 14 and 30 will be selected to be part of the SaskQTY Network. Youth will be paired with a mentor from their home community or SaskQTY Project Committee who will be responsible for supporting members with their project or event.  Members will also participate in monthly online meetings and workshops with their mentors, as well as network with other SaskQTY members. These monthly meetings will lead up to the second SaskQTY Community Action Assembly (CAA) that will take place online in February 2021.

During this online gathering, SaskQTY members will participate in workshops and seminars from home that will help them plan their own event or project which they will implement in their home community. Monthly meetings with mentors will continue after the CAA until participants have successfully finished their project or event. There will be micro grants available to members to support both their participation in the SaskQTY Network and their planned projects.

Applications are Open!

Are you between the ages of 14 and 30?

Are you interested in learning about community organizing?

Are you queer, trans or allied?

2SLGBTQ youth have a lot to offer Saskatchewan communities. Through being a part of the SaskQTY Network, they will gain the knowledge and tools to start implementing change, big or small.

Examples of community projects or events organized by SaskQTY Network members could be:

  • Clothing swap for newly transitioning youth
  • Establishing peer support network in rural/remote communities
  • Hosting a local 2SLGBTQ music or poetry event
  • Lobbying for pride and/or trans flag raising in your community
  • Organizing your community’s first Pride week event



Ken Mullock

Trans Health Navigator - Contact for Sprout