Queer Mentorship Program

What is the Queer Mentorship Program?

The queer mentorship program in Regina is designed to connect queer and trans+ young adults to communities and resources.  As a mentor, you will be helping queer and trans+ young adults navigate and connect with positive people, resources and services to help make transition into adulthood go a bit smoother.  As someone who is being mentored, you can bring new ideas and knowledge to your mentor and the queer and trans+ community at large.  Some things you might do together could include:

  • Going for coffee
  • Attending LGBTQ events together
  • Celebrating successes like passing a class or being promoted
  • Sharing struggles that are common to the mentor or mentee

Essentially the program is about making connections and build a more tight knit and welcoming community for queer and trans+ identified young adults living in Regina and Area.  It is our hope that it will make services more accessible to queer and trans+ individuals and that new ideas for services will be shared among mentees and bring these ideas to service providers.

Becoming a Mentor/Mentee:

To become a mentor, please come up to the UR Pride Centre (Riddell 225) at the University of Regina and fill out an application form.  You will be answering questions that will help us connect you with a mentee that shares similar interests.  With the form, please submit a cover letter explaining your interest in the mentorship program and why you would make a good mentor.  We will also conduct a short interview to get to know you better.

Once accepted, you will be expected to make plans with your mentee every 2 weeks.  You can also plan fun activities to do with your mentee or go to group events.  Mostly, a mentor will be there for their mentee as a positive role model, or a knowledgeable friend in the LGBTQ community in Regina.


For more information about the Queer Mentorship Program, please email us.