Positive Space Network

Welcome to Positive Space!

Positive Space is a movement that seeks to create a community environment that welcomes sexual and gender diversity. The goal is to challenge homo/bi/transphobia and heteronormativity to promote a safe, welcoming environment for all.

Having origin on many North American college and university campuses (but undeniably moving beyond those locations), the movement toward making all public space safe and welcoming starts when Positive Space participants display material that identifies their office, classroom, laboratory, residence room, apartment, or cubicle as a “positive space.” This does two things at once: it recognizes that social spaces are often characterized by patterns of ignorance, hatred, and fear of sexual and gender diversity, and it works to visibly break those patterns.

Our Positive Space Workshops seek to connect people with relevant tools and resources to encourage LGBTQ specific learning in a variety of spaces. 

Our Positive Space Network is built on generating learning opportunities for members of our community. We host regular in-house Positive Space workshops for University of Regina students, staff, faculty, alumni, and members of the Regina city community. These sessions come in two different streams our Hour Long stream that divides our basic workshop material into 4 separate sessions (intro to Positive Space, intro to sexuality, intro to sex and gender, working in solidarity with LGBTQ communities), and our Half Day stream that offers a more intensive experience for those who do not wish to divide up their workshop experience. These sessions offer a blend of terms-based education, surveys of current social condition, and conversations about tangible support (or things we can concretely do to help LGBTQ people feel safer in the spaces we occupy). All are welcome to attend. Follow the links on Hour Long and Half Day sessions for current scheduled offerings. Should the schedules appear out of date, email contactus@urpride.ca for more information.

We can also host specific sessions with your group upon request. We work with student groups, faculty/staff organizations, classrooms, workplaces, businesses, professional associations, conferences, and more. We offer flexible, tailored sessions where possible. Email contactus@urpride.ca to learn more, or to begin booking a session.