opting out

For students at the U of R, not everyone needs our support

All students at the University of Regina Students’ Union pay student fees. A portion of this fee goes to UR Pride Centre. By paying this fee, a student becomes a member of UR Pride Centre!

All students have the right to opt-out of paying this fee, and we allow for students to opt-out at any time during the semester. We recognize that life gets hectic, and the semester gets busy, and folks forget things! We believe strongly in a culture of consent, and just like any other activity between people, you have the right to withdraw your consent at any time. By choosing to opt-out, you’ll receive a cheque in the amount of your fee.

To opt-out, we ask that you fill out this form and bring it to us with the required documents, or you can stop by our office and fill out a form on site. If you’re unable to physically fill out a form by yourself, for any reason, you can come to our office and we can fill out the form on your behalf through a short in-person question/answer interview (of the questions on the form).

You can see download this form here: Opt-Out Form

How to Opt-Out:

  1. Fill out the form, and bring it to UR Pride (225 Riddell) along with a copy of your current timetable and your student ID or email the form to our Executive Director.
  2. We will process the form and issue a cheque for the amount required.
  3. We can either mail you the cheque, or you can pick it up at our office when it’s ready.

Things to Keep in Mind:

By opting-out as a member of UR Pride, you will no longer be able to access all of our super cool programs and services. This means that you won’t be able to:

  • Access the UR Pride student lounge;
  • Access free contraception at the UR Pride lounge;
  • Access peer support at UR Pride;
  • Attend the Monthly Pop-Up Sexual Health Clinic;
  • Apply for student funding at UR Pride;
  • Take out material from the UR Pride library; and/or
  • Get help from UR Pride Staff.

We encourage you to stop by and have a chat with our staff to ask questions and understand the great things we offer to all students, before you choose to opt-out.

    UR Pride Student Levies:

    $2.75 PT / $5.25 FT

    In January 2012, a referendum was held to determine if URSU should introduce a student fee for the UR Pride Centre. Over 86% of students who voted, voted in favour of this fee levy. In 2012, this fee was $0.50/$1.00 for part-time and full-time students respectively.

    Since then, every increase of the student fee levy takes place at an URSU Annual General Meeting where students can vote in favour or opposed to a fee levy increase. In 2018, this fee was increased to $2.75/$5.25 for part-time and full-time students respectively.

    Why do I have to opt-out?

    Some students have connected with us and expressed frustrations that this is an opt-out process instead of an opt-in process.

    Unfortunately, we have no control over this.

    These processes are determined by the University of Regina Students’ Union. We encourage anyone with concerns to reach out directly to their Student Union representative.

    Ken Mullock

    Trans Health Navigator - Contact for Sprout