Triple S: Safer Sex Supplies

You should never pay for safer sex supplies. Did you know that UR Pride Centre has safer sex supplies available for FREE on campus? In our UR Pride Lounge, we have:

  • Penetrative condoms
  • Receptive condoms
  • Latex gloves
  • Cotton balls
  • Personal lubricant

In addition to all the rad supplies, we have tons of information about how to have safer sex with any and all of your partners.

All of this information and these supplies are available for free to any of our members. (If you’re a student at the University of Regina, you’re a member!)

UR Pride is also always happy to help support folks who have any questions related to safer sex and consent. We’ve talked with people about all kinds of things including how to safely perform sex acts, how to communicate and understand consent, how to engage in sex work safely, how to have sex safer while high or intoxicated, or simply just how to navigate sexual relationships.

Don’t stress. We’re here to help.

Nervous about coming to the Lounge? That’s okay! Give us a shout over email at and we can meet up with you somewhere else on campus to bring you supplies, information or to offer some other support.