GSA & QSA Outreach Program

Supporting Regina-based schools in 2SLGBTQ+ diversity & inclusion through strong GSAs

GSA/QSA (Gender & Sexuality Alliance / Queer\Straight Alliance) Outreach program at UR Pride is a team of folks who are so excited to provide Southern Saskatchewan GSA/QSAs with resources, ideas and support to help create safer, more inclusive schools.

Funded by the Canadian Red Cross Society (through the Emergency Community Support Fund with the Federal Government), we have one GSA Outreach Coordinator and two GSA Outreach Assistants who can help you with whatever you need.

Reach out to our team

If you need more information, resources, or have any other inquiries, please contact and we’ll be happy to help!

Get materials for your GSA!

UR Pride is looking to give resources out to GSAs in need.

This grant does not permit payment through cash, however, we are able to provide other forms of currency (ex: Subscriptions, Gift cards, Indirect forms of event funding, etc.). If the above conditions apply to your needs, please apply before January 31st 2021!

UR Pride’s GSA/QSA Resources

Here are some resources our team has created to help your GSA/QSA!

General 2SLGBTQ+ Resources