Community Congress

We are so excited about this project!

To compliment the University of Regina’s hosting of the 2018 Congress of the Humanities and Social Sciences, UR Pride Centre for Sexuality and Gender Diversity, and the Regina Public Interest Research Group (RPIRG) are excited to be hosting Community Congress; a complimentary event that prioritizes the knowledge and voices of non-professional academics interested in making academia accessible and creating dialogue about barriers that exist in academia for meaningful participation of all knowledge-holders.

Community Congress will take place from May 27th – June 1st 2018.

Community Congress is, in no way, affiliated with the 2018 Congress of the Humanities and Social Sciences.

Why are we doing this?

Congress is an extraordinary opportunity for academics from all over Canada to come together and discuss their fields of interest, and the current trends in academia. As two student centres on the University of Regina campus, we wanted to come together to introduce some alternative ways of participating in this event. Academia is full of barriers and obstacles for a lot of people, and we believe that challenging these barriers is important for the active and passionate participation of all people in academia. The more knowledge, the better, and we see that some people aren’t able to share their knowledge.

We’re hoping to change that.

How do I get involved?

Consider hosting an event as a part of our Community Congress! Email us at to find out how…

Consider submitting a proposal to share some of your knowledge about challenging, disrupting or dismantling the norms that exist in academia. You can download the Call for Proposals here. The deadline is March 15th 2018, but if you need more time, just let us know.

Promote Community Congress to your network! You can download the Community Congress Poster here.

How do I get more info?

Email us at! We can answer any questions you have.