TRANS Health Navigation

What is the TRANS Health Navigator project?

As a result of a project run out of the University of Saskatchewan, UR Pride, in partnership with OUTSaskatoon, are excited to announce our supervision of two newly established roles for TRANS Health Navigator! This role will work to identify gaps in the current health care system and work to improve healthcare access for trans and gender diverse people in Saskatchewan. This is a pilot project which is set to run until April 11th, 2022!

Unfortunately, many healthcare providers lack knowledge surrounding basic cultural safety of trans and gender-diverse folks. With this position, we are hoping to bridge some of those basic healthcare gaps and provide guidance and support to trans and gender-diverse folks seeking healthcare, that is not limited to gender affirmation, but whole-person care that is inclusive and respectful. 

What kinds of services can you access with a TRANS Health Navigator?

TRANS Health Navigators can help with anything related to healthcare services and accessing resources for trans folks, including:

  • Learning about support groups
  • Help with name changes
  • Help with changing gender markers
  • Finding gender affirming products
  • Process for starting hormones
  • Process for getting referrals
  • Finding trans-friendly doctors & setting up appointments
  • Accompaniment for doctor appointements (depending on COVID-19 news/restrictions/and current cases)

The TRANS Health Navigator is also available for:

  • Healthcare professionals/ organizations looking for resources and ways to faciliate safe spaces and care for trans folks


Monday – Friday

Available between 9am -5pm

*Closed weekends

Meet our TRANS Health Navigator, Ken!

Ken (he/him) is the new Regina-based TRANS Peer Health Navigator and Research Assistant. His role is to provide guidance and support for trans and gender-diverse people seeking health care. He will also be a source of information to develop a greater knowledge base and awareness around providing inclusive care.

Ken is a queer trans guy who was born and raised on Treaty 4 land in Regina, SK. He is about to graduate from the Nutrition Program at the University of Saskatchewan to become a Registered Dietitian. He’s a big foodie with a passion for science and health. Ken is well-versed and knowledgeable when it comes to helping community members access services and supports they need. He loves helping fellow trans folks with transition and life goals. Ken is also a big fan of beach days, fountain pens, and social media. He looks forward to meeting you soon!

Reach out to Ken today at:


Phone: (306) 337-3831

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