All Gender Washrooms

Since 2013, the University of Regina and been converting some existing single-occupancy gendered washrooms to an All Gender Designation. These All Gender washrooms are intended for use by anyone, of any gender identity or expression.

Click here for a list of buildings at the University of Regina, with a link to a downloadable version of the Campus Map.

You can find an All Gender Washroom at:

Riddell Centre – 2nd floor, Room 283.1, in between two gendered washrooms.

Lab Building – 1st floor, Room 138.2, in between two gendered washrooms in the main hall.

Dr. John Archer Library – 2 on the 1st floor, Room 107.15, Room 107.16, across from the Spacial and Numeric Data Services office.

2 on the 6th floor, Room 606.1.1, Room 606.1.2, by the Centre for Teaching and Learning.

Wakpa Tower (South Residence) – 2 on the 1st floor, Room 111, Room 112, beside the English as a Second Language Office.

Kisik Towers – 1 on the 1st floor of the East Building, Room 153. 1 on the 1st floor of the West Building, Room 139. **The All-Gender Washrooms in the Kisik Towers are behind a locked door that requires a residence key to access**

Centre for Kinesiology, Health, and Sport – 2 on the 1st floor, Room 142, Room 143, located by the northeast corner entrance, at the end of the coaching office hallway.

Education Building – 2 on the 2nd floor, Room 217, Room 218.

Luther College – 2 on the 1st floor, un-numbered rooms, both beside a gendered washroom in between rooms 101 and 100.

Campion College – 1 on the 4th floor, left off of the elevator, through the waiting area, the washroom will be on the right.

This page is a work in progress, and will be continually added to and updated.

Did you find an All Gender Washroom on campus that isn’t listed here? Let us know at