Our Staff

The people who work at UR Pride are passionate about making our communities (and the world!) a safer place for 2LGBTQ+ (Two-Spirit, lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, questioning) people. In order to do this though, we need to be conscious of and knowledgeable in how issues of race, gender, class, ability, Indigeneity, immigration status, health, size and identity affect the way that people within the sexually and gender diverse communities experience discrimination or violence. We’re excited to give you the chance to meet our staff online, before you walk into the office and come face-to-face with people you’ve never seen before!

Jacq Brasseur – Executive Director

Although Jacq’s family is originally from Saskatchewan, Jacq is from Yellowknife, NT where their parents moved in the 80s. Jacq has a Bachelor of Social Work (2015) from the University of Regina and started their passion in LGBTQ+ work in 2011 when they co-founded the Rainbow Coalition of Yellowknife. Jacq started at UR Pride in May 2017, and when they aren’t working, they like graphic design, watching Netflix and arguing with sexists on the internet

(Pronouns: they/them/their)



Cat Haines – Program Coordinator

Cat received a B.Sc. in Computer Science from the University of Regina in 2010, and has been wearing a strange variety of hats ever since. She has worked at Silicon Valley startups, apprenticed under a chef, and is super excited to now be bringing her passion for creating intentional communities to UR Pride.

(Pronouns: she/her/her)



Emily – Social Work Practicum Student

Emily was born and raised in Regina, Saskatchewan and is currently in her fourth year of the Bachelor of Social Work program here at the University of Regina. When she’s not focusing on queering her social work practice, she’s focusing on queering the local music scene through being an organizer with Girls Rock Regina and planning events that spotlight queer artists. She is thrilled to be on board with UR Pride this semester and is looking forward to learning and growing as a prospective social worker.

(Pronouns: she/her/her)