About UR Pride

Our Organization

The UR Pride Centre for Sexuality and Gender Diversity is a non-profit 2LGBTQIAP+ service provider housed at the University of Regina. UR Pride provides services and programming for the entire community of Regina, not just for the University of Regina, and is available to provide certain services to others communities in the Southern Saskatchewan region on request.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to set the foundation for a safer, healthier, and more vibrant community for sexually and gender diverse people in the City and University of Regina.

Our Mandate

Our Mandate is:

  • To provide and promote health, wellness, and social support for sexually and gender diverse people on campus and throughout the City;
  • To promote an intergenerational community of sexually and gender diverse people on campus and throughout the City;
  • To advocate for the safety and equitable inclusion of sexually and gender diverse people on campus and throughout the City; and
  • To provide avenues for sexually and gender diverse students to expand their skills and explore new leadership opportunities.

Our Vision

We envision:

  • a community where people are free from marginalization, and social and political prejudice because of their sexual and/or gender identities;
  • a healthy and positive queer community where there opportunities for social interactions in safer, inclusive, and comfortable spaces;
  • a Canada-wide queer university community that shares resources;
  • a community where all people have access to educating themselves on queer issues to alleviate discrimination driven by ignorance.

Our Values

We believe:

  • In supporting our community through an anti-oppressive framework;
  • That the health of the people in the community is important;
  • In equality, fairness, social equity, respect and social acceptance regardless of social circumstances;
  • That everyone should have access to a safer and supportive environment;
  • In consent as an essential part of social interaction;
  • In freedom of choice;
  • In informed, constructive social criticism;
  • In promoting relevant social issues; and
  • In informed healthy choices.

View our governing documents here: UR Pride – By-laws & Constitution