About UR Pride

Our Organization

The UR Pride Centre for Sexuality and Gender Diversity is a non-profit LGBTQ service provider housed at the University of Regina. It is run by a group of volunteer directors from the University of Regina community, and two full time staff members with occasional part time staff available seasonally. UR Pride provides services and programming for the entire community of Regina, not just for the University of Regina, and is available to provide certain services to others communities in the Southern Saskatchewan region on request.

We provide: a lounge with a multi-media library, confidential peer support and referrals, workshops and lectures, substance-free social Events, a Positive Space Network, Youth Programming, safer sex supplies, publications, and much more. For more information and to find out what UR Pride can do for you, give us a shout at contactus@urpride.ca

Our Mission

To provide and promote health, wellness, and social support for University of Regina students, alumni, faculty, staff, friends, and members of the community at large who feel marginalized on the basis of their perceived or actual sexual and/or gender orientations and/or identities.

Our Vision

We Envision:

  • a community where people are free from marginalization and social and political prejudice because of their sexual and/or gender identities;
  • a healthy and positive Queer community where there are many opportunities for social interactions;
  • a Canada-wide queer university community that shares resources;
  • a community where all people have access to educating themselves on queer issues to alleviate discrimination driven by ignorance.

Our Values

We Believe:

  • that the health of the people in the community is important;
  • in equality, fairness, social harmony, respect and social acceptance regardless of social circumstances;
  • that everyone should have access to a safe and supportive environment;
  • in freedom of choice;
  • in intelligent social criticism;
  • in promoting relevant social issues;
  • in informed healthy choices.