In direct response to calls from community members and staff, our Board of Directors is releasing this statement to offer our support to the Black Lives Matter movement, the recent rallies and protests that Black and Indigenous people in our city have been hosting, and to begin the long process of acknowledging and challenging our own complicity in systemic racism, anti-Black racism, settler colonialism and white supremacy.

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Commitments from our Board of Directors

Commitments from the Board of Directors

We know that we have an extremely long way to go in challenging and dismantling white supremacy, anti-Black racism and settler colonialism within our institution, but we want to offer some initial commitments to our community:

  1. We are, immediately:
    1. Declining invitations to events that are hosted by policing organizations or that have an aim to pinkwash policing organizations;
    2. Launching a low-barrier BIPOC Organizing micro-grant program, with a commitment of $3,000 per year from our own funds, that will invite BIPOC organizers in and around Regina to access grants of up to $250 to support their grassroots organizing (Visit for more information);
    3. Creating a student fund for University of Regina students and their families impacted by police and state violence, including violence or inaction at the hands of the medical system, social services system, and/ or policing systems (Visit for more information);
    4. Supporting movements in Regina and across Saskatchewan which aims to re-allocate funding from police agencies to meaningful community support programs and mutual aid projects.
  1. We are continuing to:
    1. Provide support to Regina’s Two-Spirit Group, which is not run by UR Pride;
    2. Offer donations to Indigenous solidarity projects;
    3. Offer funds to Two-Spirit and QTBIPOC folks to attend programs, events or conferences.
  1. By August 2020, we will:
    1. Hire an organization, collective, or knowledgeable individuals to provide anti-racism training to our white board members and staff; and
    2. Hire an organization, collective, or knowledgeable individuals to provide a free anti-racism training to white LGBTQ+ people in our city.
  1. By October 2020, we will:
    1. Create a paid 2SQTBIPOC steering committee to oversee all of our work (not only exclusively 2SQTBIPOC programming), including as collaborators with our board.
    2. Develop a 2SQTBIPOC Program Coordinator position to coordinate, with direction from the 2SQTBIPOC steering committee, specific programs for 2SQTBIPOC communities.
  1. By December 2020, we will:
    1. Engage in a review and consultation with our members and 2SQTBIPOC communities in and around Regina about our relationships with policing institutions, social services institutions, and other state institutions;
    2. Develop an action plan, based on these consultations, that will inform our work in challenging our complicity in white supremacy, anti-Black racism, anti-Indigenous systems and the violence perpetrated by settler colonialism.

While we recognize that these commitments and actions do not reverse the harm that we have caused or been complicit in over the past two decades, we hope that they act as tangible ways improve on that history and that our community will hold us accountable when we perpetuate harm against 2SQTBIPOC communities moving forward. 

To stay up-to-date on how we are progressing on these commitments and to be sure that you are invited to our community consultations on these topics, please add your email address to this list (to be used only for this purpose) or reach out to our Board directly at