In direct response to calls from community members and staff, our Board of Directors is releasing this statement to offer our support to the Black Lives Matter movement, the recent rallies and protests that Black and Indigenous people in our city have been hosting, and to begin the long process of acknowledging and challenging our own complicity in systemic racism, anti-Black racism, settler colonialism and white supremacy.

To read the statement from our Board of Directors, click here.

To read about our historical and current relationship with policing systems, click here.

To read about our initial commitments to challenge anti-Black racism, white supremacy and settler colonialism within our organization, click here.

To read about how you can get involved or challenge these systems within your own LGBTQ+ community, click here.

Actions & Resources

Action you can take to support Black Lives Matter movements in Saskatchewan

We urge non-Black queer and trans people in our city and province to research and support the following community-driven actions:

  1. Sign the “Defund the Police” petition:
  2. Donate to the family of Samwel Uko, a young Black man in Regina who was denied mental health care at the Regina General Hospital:
  3. Sign Tobi Omeyefa’s petition on Black History and Anti-racism curriculum in Saskatchewan schools:
  4. Donate to Black in Sask, a collective of young Black organizers in Saskatchewan:
  5. Send a letter to your MLA and City Councillor and encourage them to support redirecting funds currently spent on policing to non-violent community-based solutions.
  6. Support Black-owned businesses and organizations in Regina:

Resources to learn more about police violence and the movement to defund police:

  1. A better future: How to defund and reimagine policing by Dr. Michelle Stewart, University of Regina
  2. Defunding The Police Will Save Black And Indigenous Lives In Canada by Sandy Hudson, Co-founder of Black Lives Matter Toronto
  3. Does Saskatchewan need a citizen watchdog for the police? by Sara Birrell, SaskDispatch (Briarpatch)
  4. Regina’s 92-million-dollar problem by Sara Birrell, SaskDispatch (Briarpatch)
  5. ‘Defunding’ police and funding mental health resources will save lives, experts say by The Canadian Press (via Global News)
  6. Educate yourself: essential readings on anti-Black racism, police brutality by The Varsity (University of Toronto’s Student Newspaper)
  7. Reclaim Pride by Defunding the Police by Ash Stevens, The Advocate
  8. Defunding the police isn’t radical. It’s so lucid it’s a wonder it took a movement to catch on by Calum Marsh, NationalPost
  9. Police Abuse of Indigenous Women in Saskatchewan and Failures to Protect Indigenous Women from Violence by Human Rights Watch
  10. Emmett Till & the Pervasive Erasure of Disability In Conversations about White Supremacy & Police Violence by Talila A. Lewis