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We do offer student and community funding for folks to be able to participate in these sorts of projects. If you are interested in attending this conference and would like financial support from UR Pride, please fill out the appropriate application below and email it to us:

All applications must be received by October 5th 2017 to be considered before the conference. Priority will be given to both students and those who are Two-Spirit, Indigenous & LGBTQ+ and queer people of colour; please feel free to identify yourself as a member of any of these groups in your application.

Student Application | Non-student Application

Conference information is below:

This is a call to conversation. We are gathering scholars, community members, activists, artists, students, youth, and traditional knowledge holders to dialogue on the work being done in two-spirit (2S) and queer people of colour (QPOC) communities. We call on our communities and institutions to act in a spirit of reconciliations.

We are gathering for three days in October to discuss:

  • Where our communities intersect
  • What individual, institutional, and community efforts are needed to reconcile our relationships
  • Relationship-building and coaltion work occuring across our communities
  • How we can celebrate our gifts and achievements
  • How we can more deeply understand and enact the politics and practices of love in community

Winnipeg is located on Treaty 1 land in the heart of the Métis Nation. Winnipeg was the location of the 1990 “Third Annual Inter-tribal Native American, First Nations Gay and Lesbian American Conference” where the term “two-spirit” was affirmed. Given the current political landscape, both nationally and in the US (for example, the Canadian federal government’s identification of 2S issues as a priority area and their announcement that they will make an apology to the queer community for state oppression by the end of 2017; Black Lives Matter’s challenge of the whitewashing of LGBT Pride marches; the regressive social policy reforms underway in the US), we are at an important historical moment that presents both dangers and opportunities for our communities. This conference therefore calls for critical dialogue between 2S and QPOC communities and with LGBT and cisgender heterosexual allies about how best to move forward.