Positive Space Network


Welcome to Positive Space!

Positive Space is a movement that seeks to create a campus and community environment that welcomes sexual and gender diversity. The goal is to challenge homo/bi/transphobia and heteronormativity to promote a safe, welcoming environment for all students, employees, and citizens.

On many North American campuses, the movement toward making all public space safe and welcoming starts when Positive Space participants display material that identifies their office, classroom, laboratory, residence room, apartment, or cubicle as a “positive space.” This does two things at once: it recognizes that social spaces are often characterized by patterns of ignorance, hatred, and fear of sexual and gender diversity, and it works to visibly break those patterns.

For more information check out the Positive Space Network Handbook!

Please check out our online space for Positive Space Network participants and LGBTQ service providers in Regina to connect, share resources,experiences, have discussions and network!  Click here!