TransSask Gatherings

*Hosted by TransSask Support Services

Sessions will take place in the UR Pride Centre (University of Regina, Riddell 225) from 7-9pm.

1st Friday of the month
Transitions is a monthly support group with topics relevant to persons transitioning, whether MtF of FtM.

2nd Friday
Gender Blender is a monthly gathering with topics of interest to all people. Want to learn more about the trans* community in Saskatchewan? Considering transitioning and want to learn your options? Maybe you have a loved one who just came out as transgender and you want to learn more. Everyone welcome.

3rd Friday
Beyond the Binary is a monthly support group with topics relevant to persons who identify outside the binary, whether transgender or genderqueer.

4th Friday:
TransSask Guest Series is a monthly event where representatives of the larger community are invited to meet with members of the trans* community. Police, Doctors, Churches, and so much more. This will be an opportunity for Community organizations to engage in an open dialogue with the trans* community in Regina. If you are interested in representing your organization in the Guest Series, contact TransSask at

5th Friday, in those months they do occur:
Hodgepodge Night. It’s random. It’s fun. Bring your favourite game, everyone is invited to come.

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