Youth Group Policies

  • We believe that all people exploring their gender and/or sexuality are welcome and we won’t pressure people to label themselves, nor will we discriminate under any circumstances. i.e. race, class, religion, disability, etc.  Everyone is welcome.
  • We believe in respecting the confidentiality of the group and the privacy of the individual.
  • We believe in treating each unique individual with equality and respect.
  • We believe that personal attacks have no place here.  We challenge opinions, not people.
  • We will try to keep personal disputes outside of the group.
  • We will not partake in any risky behaviour that will put ourselves or the rest of the group in any danger during regular scheduled youth nights or events.   i.e. drugs, alcohol, cruising, etc.
  • We will give each other our full attention during youth nights and activities.  This means not spending the whole night texting or using other electronic devices.